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Parenting Plan and Timesharing issues can occur before, during, or after a divorce, including situations in which the parents or the child's guardians never entered into a legal marriage.

Tremendous strain can be placed not only the parents, but also the children, in parenting plan and timesharing circumstances. The Law Office of Gail Cheatwood, P.A., understands the burden that parenting plan and timesharing issues can bring upon individuals, and we possess the legal skills to handle these types of delicate legal matters.

Residence and contact issues typically arise in proceedings involving dissolution of marriage, annulment, paternity and other legal proceedings where children may be involved. In most jurisdictions, parent that the child will primarily reside with is considered the primary residential parent. When determining which parent a child or children will primarily reside with, the courts will render it's decision in accordance with they deem is in the best interests of the child.

Family law proceedings which involve issues of residence and contact often generate the most Parenting Plan - Timesharing disputes. It is not uncommon for one parent to accuse the other of trying to "turn" the child(ren) against the other or allege some form of emotional, physical, or even sexual abuse by the other parent to disrupt the parent's contact or communication with the child(ren). Cases of parents removing children from the jurisdiction in violation of court orders, so as to frustrate the other parent's contact with the children, are not unusual.

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Parenting Plan - Timesharing: In recent years, shared parental responsibility, and the primary care of a child has been ordered by a given court. Although one parent may be considered the primary residential parent, both of the parents retain full parental rights and responsibilities with respect to their children. This allows both parents to have equal say in major decisions while fully discussing issues relating to their children, after each of the parent's concerns have been expressed. One of the reasons the terms "child custody and visitation" have been changed to "parenting plan and timesharing" is to take the stigma ownership away, providing each parent the realization that regardless of where the child primarily resides, raising their children is the responsibility of both parents.

In certain situations, each parent may have an equal right to be declared the primary residential custodian of the minor child. The Court makes a ruling with regard to what it deems is in the best interests and welfare of the minor child. The Court will take into account various factors it believes will directly affect the welfare of the minor child in determining which parent will be the primary residential parent. One factor the courts often consider is which parent is more likely to allow contact between the secondary residential parent and the child. A parent who is less willing to allow visitation between the child and secondary residential parent could do more harm for the child's best interests than good.

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