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In the State of Florida, we used to referr to issues regarding where are the child promarily resides and how much time the other parent can see the child as "child custody and visitation." The Florida legislature has revamped the statutes regarding these issues, and how these issues are encompassed in what is now known as parental responsibility.

Parental responsibility is now established and documented in what is called a parenting plan and referred to as shared-parenting. In Florida, the parental responsibility is equal between the mother and father of the child. This means both parents have equal decision-making authority in all major decisions and how the child or children will be raised. So, these important decisions may include the child’s education, nonemergency Health Care needs, their religious training, were other major important issues regarding the child. The day to day decisions, such as what the child will eat, wear for clothing, how much time they spend on a computer that they, will be made by the parent that the child is with on that given day.

In the state of Florida, the only way that shared-parenting will not be ordered is that one of the parents has been deemed to be unfit, and the court has determined that it would not be in the best interest of the child to have shared parental responsibility.

Other issues that may affect parental responsibility may include if one parent lives far away or has shown absolutely no interest in the child, such as never going to the school were showing up for a doctor’s appointment or simply does not spend time with the child. Under these circumstances, the court is not going to give equal decision-making authority over the child.

There is no standard one size fits all solution to parental responsibility. There may be situations when one parent has wholesome and decision-making authority regarding education and Health Care and both parents have equal decision-making authority regarding religious training.

What parent plan is put together and parental responsibility is to be established, it is important to note that the number one factor the court will consider is what is in the best interest of the child.

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