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That one moment where you decide to put your key in the ignition could damage your reputation and career forever. Facing DUI charges in Florida is a serious matter, which requires a serious DUI Defense Attorney - Lawyer. Retaining the services of experienced legal counsel to represent your legal interests can make significant difference in the outcome of your legal situation.

While it is not illegal to drink alcohol and drive, it is illegal to drive “under the influence” or "while intoxicated" when your ability to operate a car has been affected by alcohol or drugs, such as when you can no longer judge distances or react to emergencies while driving.

An experienced DUI defense attorney & lawyer will ensure you are fully aware of your legal rights and options for you defense regarding the charges against you. When it is not possible to have the charges dropped, reduced, or negotiate an acceptable plea, The Law Office of Gail Cheatwood, P.A., will ensure the prosecution is held to the burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt the charges against you were warranted. We will hold all evidence, witness statements, and the actions of law enforcement under a microscope, while aggressively protection your legal rights.

A DUI, Driving Under The Influence (of drugs or alcohol), is a criminal traffic offense, of which the penalties for repeat offenses are more severe for each offense where a guilty plea or conviction is obtained. For example, a first-time DUI conviction does not require jail time as part of the sentence. But a second-time DUI conviction within five (5) years of the first requires a minimum of ten (10) days jail. You should also know that DUI can be charged as a felony under certain circumstances. And, if arrested for DUI, your Florida Drivers' License can be suspended by the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles.

* Important Notice * After a person has been arrested for a DUI Offense, they have 10 (ten) days from the date of arrest to request an administrative hearing with the department of motor vehicles. Contact our office to allow us to fill out the necessary forms to request a temporary hardship permit.

A dropped or dismissed Driving Under the Influence, (DUI), charge can sometimes hinge on one important detail. Attorney, Gail Cheatwood will perform thorough investigations to find answers to these and other important questions:

  • Were the blood or breath test results accurate?
  • Were the breath test results compromised in any way?
  • Were "field sobriety tests", or "roadside tests," performed according to protocol?
  • Did the arresting officer have probable cause to pull over the vehicle?
  • Did the arresting officer report all details accurately?
  • Was the defendant exhibiting impaired driving?
  • Were the defendant’s constitutional rights violated?

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