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At The Law Office of Gail Cheatwood, P.A., we understand that today's youth are exposed to an abundance of compromising situations, while suffering under a higher level of peer pressure than the youth of just 10 years ago.

When a juvenile commits a crime, we aggressively work towards a favorable resolution which may provide the juvenile the opportunity to learn from their mistake so they are able to lead a productive life.

Juvenile criminal offenses involve individuals under the age of eighteen (18) years. In the juvenile court system, youthful offenders are subject to the same criminal charges as an adult may face, but may be subject to milder penalties on account of their youth.

If the offense charged is considered serious enough by the State Attorney and the court, the juvenile may be tried and sentenced as an adult for the particular criminal offense. Being charged with a Juvenile Crime does not mean a child's future is ruined.

An experienced juvenile crime attorney & lawyer will ensure your child is fully aware of their legal rights and options for their defense regarding the charges against them. When it is not possible to have the charges dropped, reduced, or negotiate an acceptable plea, The Law Office of Gail Cheatwood, P.A., will ensure the prosecution is held to the burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt the charges against you were warranted. We will hold all evidence, witness statements, and the actions of law enforcement under a microscope, while aggressively protection your legal rights.

We understand the unique nature of juvenile charges and how to defend young people who have made bad choices. If your child’s future is at stake, we’ll work hard to defend your child.

  • We will attempt to ensure your child is prosecuted as a juvenile as opposed to an adult.
  • We will defend your son or daughter with the same aggressive strategy and quick thinking that we utilize in adult defense.
  • When possible, we will do all we can to seek a dismissal, dropped charges, or charges for a lesser offense.
  • We will look for inconsistencies, violations of your child’s civil rights or lack of evidence in the prosecution’s case.
  • We will attempt to suppress any illegally obtained evidence.
  • First Offender Program where dismissal of charges may happen.

We look for alternative sentences such as counseling, rehabilitative programs and community service as opposed to incarceration.

Your child's reputation is not the only thing at stake when facing juvenile crime charges or other criminal offenses, but their ability to enter into adulthood with a clean record and the same opportunities in life you have raised them to be able to achieve. Seek experienced legal counsel to stand up and fight for your child's legal rights, giving them the best opportunity to be treated fairly.

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